Marco Sgobino

I now am running Arch Linux on my Desktop

Today I decided to get out of my comfort zone, and I replaced Fedora with Arch Linux on my desktop machine. My old machine (i5 4670, 8GB RAM, iGPU) supported the GNOME desktop environment very well on both OSs. I am not switching for a better performance (for that, I could have simply installed a different Fedora spin[1]).

1. Fedora spins

Installation was buttery-smooth. I've made simple choices for now: I've chosen ext4 as filesystem, GRUB as bootloader, GNOME desktop as the Desktop Environment (installed the gnome group) and I installed all the programs I need. In the future I will probably switch to a Window Manager (I am willing to try both Sway and dwm).

I've chosen Arch Linux because gives me the tools and encourages me to experiment with different Desktop Environments, Window Managers, different software, bootloader, maybe I will even install it again and switch to another filesystem (at the moment, I don't need extra features provided by newer filesystems such as BTRFS). Also the AUR is a big plus for some exotic software.

I will experiment on Arch a lot on my desktop.

I still use Fedora on my laptop and I will continue to do so. Fedora on the laptop works extraordinarily well, and it's a rock solid OS and never gave my a single issue.

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