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My first post and why I started a blog

I can't exactly recall the moment the idea pop up in my mind, but I want to start my own blog. I want to write down ideas and thoughts, say something (hopefully) useful, share my vision of the world and the tools I use in my life.

Days ago I stumbled upon the hashtag #100DaysToOffload on Fosstodon. It's a challenge by Kev Quirk where you're invited to start your own blog, and just write a hundred of blog posts in the space of a year. I've never looked kindly on social media challenges or whatsoever, but this time it was something actually cool, and I decided it was a good stimulus to start my own blog. If something went wrong, or for some reason I couldn't write enough and I failed the challenge, well, who cares.

A brief descrption of myself. I am an Electronic Engineering student, with a strong passion for Linux, Programming, technology ethics and privacy. I also studied Music Composition years ago (I had to interrupt it for some reasons that are very long to tell) and I have a strong passion for Cinema (I am not a real cinephile, but I will sometimes suggest movies that left their deep mark on me). I recently started reading books, it's never too late to start doing it. I will talk about and suggest some of them, too.

I also will talk about privacy, and user-respecting tools and software. I firmly believe in Linux, Free Software, user communities and people sharing their work with others and cooperating. There's no person that can achieve great things alone, therefore cooperation and respect are fundamental to our society - software is no exception.

Another passion of mine is visiting places. I don't have much money, so at the moment my girlfriend and I are mainly visiting nearby locations. I live in North-East Italy, therefore I will write about some cool places you can visit when you're there - and good restaurants to eat delicious food. I am no travel guide, so the list will be far from exhaustive.

I will sometimes talk about politics, and personal opinions on what happens in Italy and across the world. Those posts will be limited in number, since I hate politics stuff. If a political post appears on my feed, something very disgraceful happened.

Oh, and of course, I will sometimes translate articles in Italian. This will not happen every time, and I don't promise anything, but I will try to translate them as soon as possible.

Well, this is it for now, and I suddenly started my own blog. Let's see where the wind will drag the boat.

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